HP Renew Program

The HP Renew Program, formerly known as HP Remarketing, started back in 1981.
This initiative was developed as a supplement to the sales of retail products.
As one of only a few preferred partners of this program, Globility Connect has access to an extensive portfolio of completely remanufactured products with the following advantages:
  • Extremely competitive pricing
  • Original HP quality and reliability
  • Full HP warranty—service and support options, such as care packs, can be applied
Products from older generations as well as the latest technology are available.
The HP Renew products mainly derive from distribution and production surpluses as well as channel returns, with a small percentage having been installed in demo centers.
All products are returned to the HP factory where they undergo an intensive inspection. All components that have been used are removed and replaced with new ones. After these steps have taken place, the products are moved towards the HP Renew supply chain.
For more info check the official site : HP Renew Program
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